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Keyboard protectors - Basic types of construction

What kind of keyboard protectors do you offer?

We offer two totally different solutions.

While all types remain on the keyboard while typing ("type-through keyboard protectors") there are shaped and non-shaped protectors:

1. Moulded keyboard protectors ("shaped")

These keyboard protectors are manufactured using a tooling that fits the respective keyboard model exactly.

The keys and spaces between keys are shaped and the keyboard protector fits the keyboard like a skin.

2. Universal keyboard protectors ("non-shaped")

These keyboard protectors fit all normal keyboards (or notebook keyboards) of a certain size.

At this moment there are two models for standard keyboards and several models for keyboards of notebooks.

The keys and spaces between keys are not shaped.

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Advantages and disadvantages - Moulded vs. Universal

Which basic type of keyboard protectors should I choose?

It depends very much on your situation.

If you want to use keyboard protectors in a lab environment (e. g. for desinfection reasons) and a protector tooling for your keyboard model exists then you want to check all advantages and disadvantages given below.

If you want to use keyboard protectors in a lab environment and a tooling does not exist yet and your intended purchasing quantity is smaller than ca. 30 pcs then universal protectors might be your only option.

In an industrial environment you should choose moulded (shaped) keyboard protectors due to lifetime considerations. In our opinion universal keyboard protectors are too thin to be used in rough environments.

Please see below for a detailed discussion of advantages and disadvantages of moulded keyboard protectors and universal keyboard protectors:

1. Moulded keyboard protectors ("shaped")

Moulded protectors offer a better typing feeling (due to shape) and have a longer lifetime (due to thicker material).

While protector toolings for common keyboards often exist due to the multitude of keyboard models (there are thousands) storekeeping makes sense only for a few dozens of the most common keyboard protector models.

All other protector models are manufactured per order as individual items or as small-lot production.

For this reason shaped protectors are not really cheap when ordered in small quantity.

For non-stocking items lead time is ca. 2 - 4 weeks.

2. Universal keyboard protectors ("non-shaped")

Universal protectors offer lower price and shorter lead time (usually available ex stock) as an advantage.

In addition a lot of time can be saved because it is not necessary to find out the exact keyboard model(s).

The main disadvantage is shorter lifetime due to thinner material.

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